You can choose the motorcycle you would like to rent from Our Motorcycle offer. Using online form you can select the date and accessories, the approximate time of pick up and return of the bike can be indicated in the note. If the requested motorcycle is available, we will confirm your reservation request via e-mail. Otherwise we will propose alternative offer. The availability of the motorcycle as well as the reservation can also be arranged by phone call.


You can pick up the motorcycle at the agreed time in our rental shop on Muštova street (check Contact Us). The motorcycle will be ready, clean with a full tank. We will give you brief instructions of using the motorcycle and a loan agreement will be prepared during pick up. When signing, you will need a driver's license, ID card and a cash deposit (in the amount specified for the particular vehicle).


The motorcycle must be returned at the agreed time in the same condition as it was when picked up (duly, full tank, clean). Pollution, damage or other violation is charged according to the contract and the current price list, which is part of the loan agreement.


Our motorcycles are not fully insured, they have "only" basic insurance. This means that when you sign the contract, you take full responsibility for the motorcycle. In case of a damage event, contact the police immediately and then inform us. Compensation for damage will be calculated after the inspection and subsequent repair of the motorcycle at our designated service. Detailed conditions are described in the loan agreement.


  • The daily mileage is 250 km / day. Each additional km is charged at 0.20-0.35 € / km according to the motorcycle and the current price list.
  • The price and mileage limit can be adjusted when renting for more than 3 days, subject of individual offer.
  • Please, suggest the time of pick up as you prefer. We always try to meet your requirements. We don´t have set opening hours, we operate under the agreement with you, even during the weekends.
  • It is prohibited to drive the motorcycles on a racing circuit, we also do not recommend using unpaved roads.
  • There is no reservation cancellation fee, but please, let us know in advance.


Do you need a help with the reservation?

Do not hesitate to contact us.